Refrigerating Compressor oil for Ammonia (R 717) and
R12, R22, R123, R502 refrigerant

Product description

TOTAL LUNARIA K can be used for NH3, R-12, R-22, R123 and R 502 refrigerantReciprocating, screw or turbo-centrifugal type of compressorField of application: Evaporator Temperature down to : For NH3, K32(-40℃), K46(-32℃), K68 (-28℃) For Freon, K32-46-68 (-50℃)Benefits:AlkylBenzene Technology, fully compatible with mineral oil. Better protection and reduced wear of the compressor thanks to its good lubricity. Does not cause clogging problems in the refrigerating system even at low temperature  because it is full synthetic oil with no wax. Better miscibility with R-12 or R-22 than mineral oil allows use at lower temperature. Excellent chemical·thermal stability allows longer drain interval than mineral oil.