R and O type machine oils

Norms & Homologations

International classifications

  • AGMA : AGMA 9005-E2 RO
  • DIN : DIN 51517-2 CL ,DIN 51524-1 HL
  • ISO : ISO 6743-6 CKB ,ISO 6743-4 HL ,ISO 11158 HL ,ISO 12925-1 CKB

Product description

CIRKAN RO oils are mineral oils containing additives with appropriate viscosities for lubricating moving parts operating under severe temperature conditions:
- fluid grades: systems operating at high speed: textile machinery, machine tools, and hydraulic circuits requiring a category HL oil.
- viscous grades: lubrication of bearings and gears not requiring anti-wear and extreme-pressure properties.

High natural viscosity index
Good compatibility with seals
Very good demulsification properties
Excellent anti-foaming, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties.